[guardian-dev] How can an app determine whether Orbot has connected it to the Tor network?

Kristov Atlas kristovatlas.lists at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 09:44:33 EDT 2015


I'd like to have my hypothetical Android app determine whether it is
sending requests and receiving responses via Tor by way of Orbot -- either
with Orbot capturing all traffic on the device, or the experimental per-app

A naive way to achieve this is to poll a what-is-my-ip website, poll a
website that provides a list of Tor exit nodes, and see if the ip address
matches the exit node list. This approach has some significant privacy
downsides. It also would not work if I wanted to configure my application
to sometimes connect to .onion severs instead of clearnet.

Is there any kind of inter-process communication or other mechanism that
people are aware of that would allow my app to determine whether it has
been successfully proxied through Orbot?

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