[guardian-dev] automatic calling?

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Tue Aug 25 08:28:55 EDT 2015


sorry for off-topic, but I have a couple of questions for the members of
this list.

I have came across some cases, where people claim they received a call
from an unknown foreign number. The did not respond (!) to the call and
did not call back (!).

But they claim their phone somehow called back alone and created great
expenses to them.

CDR record by the operator shows there in fact has been a call from
their phone, but those users claim they did not call by themselves.

There is another case, when a mobile phone got stolen and after that
there was made a 200+ calls AT THE SAME TIME.

Any idea how could this be possible?

OK, for the first case there could be an option that some rogue
application called back, and this could be detected by checking granted
permissions. Is there any other possibility?



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