[guardian-dev] ChatSecure v14.1 RC1

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Fri Feb 6 13:24:34 EST 2015

Fresh off a round of real world intensive testing and debugging using
spotty 2.5G coverage in the foothills of the Himalayas, here's the first
RC for ChatSecure v14.1!


Here's the whole v14.1 changelog rundown for you:

14.1.0-RC1 / 2015-01-06 / 863bfec7b0881395dbaec8937f999e0c9b0b9dd7

863bfec update translations
21d18af remove duplicate packet subscribe code
bd0c743 update to latest cacheword
f172551 reinstate contact object instance clearing on logout
7880bc0 this just clears objects from memory; it should be done
bc4bbaa query or insert new contact to ensure you don't create
cc5f8d8 don't add a contact if it already exists
5ecf862 don't load chats until connections are init'd also re-impl
subscription dialog prompts properly
815a6ed simplify subscription prompt text
6bb7deb just show normal contact for now in contact picker - still
looking into a way to show pending/subscribe notices here
c0ab354 clean up menu options for account and chat views
eddfd38 Merge branch 'master' of
6625a91 additional fixes for contact add, subscribe, presence
d476883 multiple fixes for handling subscription request in UI
71d1c1d don't re-init timers if they already have been created
51eb8ea Merge pull request #621 from n8fr8/bug4461-normalizeusernames
74ccfdd fixes #4473 makes sure the roster is not null
bf6bae2 fixes #4472 makes sure connection, view are not null
6ee25fe fixes #4461 (and others) related to invalid username/jids This
should solve cases where OTR does not init when a user creates 
d8ce28d include the 'v' before the version number in the release file
063fa4b make-release-build: configure ant build after all conf files are
in place
089aaa8 update cacheword to get build fixes
5c33aed make-release-build: always build the git tag that matches
b9dcf37 automatically name ant release builds using versionName from
55be894 make-release-build: temp workaround for old cacheword that signs
the jar
de8a9be update translations: ar bg bo ca cs de es_ES fa fi it nl pl sr

14.1.0-beta-2 / 2015-01-24 / b2fb94fa8c98b29ea922d864dff88968e57af7c1

6a69d43 fixes #4448 makes sure cursor is closed
975f1c3 fixes #4447 sometimes cursor is null if not init'd yet
b962e20 fixes #4437 - flag should be added, not set (which overrides NEW
flag) the CLEAR flag must be used in conjunction with the NEW
63841f8 typo fix
6d96780 fixes #4441 - networkinfo or other network info could be null
68c532c fixes #4438 - presence might be null

14.1.0-beta-1 / 2015-01-21 / 424927dfa7778bc0a9a64a9202029f15bcb4255c

* Network
3992ac2 if remote connect is offline when you send message, refresh
2575942 ignore stale XMPP Connection instance, and re-init/login
f4dc7b4 Improves the connectivity monitoring listener accuracy

* Usability 
9b9412f ensuring message notifications are cleared when chat is
905da53 let's not show a background in the account setup
5f78377 only single background image file needed, its dynamically
09e5efe don't automatically linkify in chat windows of accounts running
on Tor
9256651 add custom URI scheme linkifying to handle geo:, xmpp:, etc.
41dfdd3 Ensure presence is updated all the way to the UI/View Also fix
mismatches in int values for presence status types Small improv
01b3562 go back to main conversation list when chat is ended this fixes
the issue with chat name/titles not properly updating on some 
9909501 remove profile menu if OTR is not init'd we need an active
session/fingerprint for this to work
8db20d9 add horizontal progress bar for otr status
5a06cdd make sure avatars show up on medium screens
1cbe65d Merge pull request #598 from n8fr8/master

* Core Stability 
a38da81 Don't clear list/contacts data from memory on logout
20e262c Clearing data causes issues on network disconnect/reconnects We
don't need to so aggressively clear data anymore, now that we 
31db61f remove unneeded duplicate contact cleanup code
6570d85 closes the settings cursor
c3d8532 cursor needs to be closed manually
eb76c46 Fix verify method : the 2 arrays compared were the same -> use
this.xEncryptedMAC instead of xEncryptedMAC
d9e40c4 move Orbot market: link to donottranslate.xml
cf596a2 Merge pull request #607 from raphaelm/fix-build-scripts
baf7842 Adjust pom.xml version of asmack to the one actually included in
the project
762651e Update update-ant-build.sh to work correctly on current build
tool versions
0b2926e simplify presence updating to make it more reliable
92f3ba1 don't clear presence table ever, and don't load offline contacts
these were causing problems with presence table being incorre
5439b75 add ability to request an async presence refresh from roster
3ba2a8f avoid concurrent mode problem by using idx
c0cfa8d fix code for detecting OTR capable resource
f6f1a91 nothing changed
0a040b2 add new low-res versions of default background
a44e1ad Merge branch
43e213a load background bitmaps in a custom AsyncTask
7806e7a remove drawables targeted at android < 9 since minSdk is 9

  Nathan of Guardian
  nathan at guardianproject.info

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