[guardian-dev] F-Droid PIE vs. noPIE

Delton Barnes delton.barnes at mail.ru
Thu Jan 15 07:53:28 EST 2015


I am using F-Droid with both the F-Droid and Guardian Project Official
repositories enabled.  When 14.1.4 was released, I could choose to
install either 14.1.4-noPIE or 14.1.4-PIE.  I chose noPIE because my
phone is on Android 4.4.4 per "About phone".  However, F-Droid now shows
14.1.4-PIE as an upgrade over 14.1.4-noPIE.  Is this correct or a bug?

My understanding is whether you use noPIE or PIE depends on your Android
version, and for <= 4.4 you should use noPIE.


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