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Anything interesting we can do with this hack on iOS? Do iOS extensions
allow any background processing?

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Looks like this might be an easy way to implement data storage from


MMWormhole creates a bridge between an iOS extension and its containing
application. The wormhole is meant to be used to pass data or commands
and forth between the two locations. Messages are archived to files
are written to the application's shared App Group. The effect closely
resembles interprocess communication between the app and the extension,
though true interprocess communication does not exist between extensions
and containing apps.

The wormhole also supports CFNotificationCenter Darwin Notifications in
effort to support realtime change notifications. When a message is
to the wormhole, interested parties can listen and be notified of these
changes on either side of the wormhole. The effect is nearly instant
updates on either side when a message is sent through the wormhole.
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