[guardian-dev] ChatSecure v14.1 Beta 1

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at guardianproject.info
Thu Jan 22 06:23:46 EST 2015

Testing now!

FYI, the signature on this email didn't verify for me on Thunderbird.  The
signature on the APK did, though.


Nathan of Guardian:
> ChatSecure v14.1.0 (Beta 1) / 2015-01-21 /
> 424927dfa7778bc0a9a64a9202029f15bcb4255c
> APK: https://guardianproject.info/releases/ChatSecure-v14.1.0-beta-1.apk
> Sig:
> https://guardianproject.info/releases/ChatSecure-v14.1.0-beta-1.apk.asc
> 3992ac2 if remote connect is offline when you send message, refresh
> presence
> 9b9412f ensuring message notifications are cleared when chat is
> displayed
> a38da81 Don't clear list/contacts data from memory on logout
> 20e262c Clearing data causes issues on network disconnect/reconnects We
> don't need to so aggressively clear data anymore, now that we
> 2575942 ignore stale XMPP Connection instance, and re-init/login
> 31db61f remove unneeded duplicate contact cleanup code
> f4dc7b4 Improves the connectivity monitoring listener accuracy
> 6570d85 closes the settings cursor
> 905da53 let's not show a background in the account setup
> c3d8532 cursor needs to be closed manually
> eb76c46 Fix verify method : the 2 arrays compared were the same -> use
> this.xEncryptedMAC instead of xEncryptedMAC
> 5f78377 only single background image file needed, its dynamically
> resized
> d9e40c4 move Orbot market: link to donottranslate.xml
> 09e5efe don't automatically linkify in chat windows of accounts running
> on Tor
> 9256651 add custom URI scheme linkifying to handle geo:, xmpp:, etc.
> cf596a2 Merge pull request #607 from raphaelm/fix-build-scripts
> baf7842 Adjust pom.xml version of asmack to the one actually included in
> the project
> 762651e Update update-ant-build.sh to work correctly on current build
> tool versions
> 41dfdd3 Ensure presence is updated all the way to the UI/View Also fix
> mismatches in int values for presence status types Small improv
> 01b3562 go back to main conversation list when chat is ended this fixes
> the issue with chat name/titles not properly updating on some
> 9909501 remove profile menu if OTR is not init'd we need an active
> session/fingerprint for this to work
> 8db20d9 add horizontal progress bar for otr status
> 5a06cdd make sure avatars show up on medium screens
> 1cbe65d Merge pull request #598 from n8fr8/master
> 0b2926e simplify presence updating to make it more reliable
> 92f3ba1 don't clear presence table ever, and don't load offline contacts
> these were causing problems with presence table being incorre
> 5439b75 add ability to request an async presence refresh from roster
> 3ba2a8f avoid concurrent mode problem by using idx
> c0cfa8d fix code for detecting OTR capable resource
> f6f1a91 nothing changed
> 0a040b2 add new low-res versions of default background
> a44e1ad Merge branch
> 'eighthave-fix-crashes-related-to-large-background-bitmap'
> 43e213a load background bitmaps in a custom AsyncTask
> 7806e7a remove drawables targeted at android < 9 since minSdk is 9
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