[guardian-dev] free replacements for Google APIs, turning into offline Maps API

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at guardianproject.info
Fri Jan 23 06:54:01 EST 2015

I just found out about a very interesting library from justJanne in IRC: μG
aka microg.  They are free software replacements for Google APIs:


It includes things like a Maps API that uses OpenStreetMap as a backend, and
other fun stuff.  And this just got me thinking:

Lots of apps use the Google Maps API to have embedded apps. There is a similar
service called osmdroid that lets apps do this with OpenStreetMap, which would
be an improvement, since it would be without logins and over Tor.

Ideally, Osmand would provide a way for apps to get map tiles so that they
could show inline maps.

To take this all the way home, it would be awesome if Osmand also offered a
clone of the Google Maps API to make this as seamless as possible:


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