[guardian-dev] gnupg-for-java verify function

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at guardianproject.info
Tue Jan 27 04:07:11 EST 2015

Hey Marek,

I'm CC'ing the Guardian Dev list since this topic is of general interest, and
others on that list might have contributions to this thread as well.

gnupg-for-java currently requires gpgme 1.5.x, but it would probably not be a
lot of work to get it working on older versions.  I only cared about the
latest version of gpgme, since I was only using it on Android, where all the
libs are embedded in the app.

It would be quite useful to have gnupg-for-java work on older versions of
gpgme so it'll be easy to deploy on platforms with older versions of gpgme,
like RHEL, Debian/stable, Ubuntu/LTS, etc.

Daniele has done some work towards that goal:


Marek Wrzosek:
> OK, I'm answering my own mail. I've figured out that verify needs
> signature, signed and plain GnuPGData objects, even empty ones. From
> howto of gpgme that if sig is clear text signature (I assume that
> creating signature from file will work), than signed_text should be
> null (in java empty GnuPGData?), but effect of verification is in
> plain. How to make writable GnuPGData for plain? How to extract text
> from GnuPGData or do something with it that make sense?
> W dniu 26.01.2015 o 16:20, Marek Wrzosek pisze:
>> Hello Hans!
>> I need help. Is gpgme 1.5.0 really necessary? The example program
>> is working with 1.4.3 version, but it only prints list of keys. But
>> it's not that important. The real question is: How to use verify
>> function? public void verify(GnuPGData signature, GnuPGData signed,
>> GnuPGData plain) I've found this in gpgme tutorial (about
>> underlying C function): 
>> https://www.gnupg.org/documentation/manuals/gpgme/Verify.html#Verify
> But it isn't very helpful with java.
>> What is the easiest way to verify clear text signature from text
>> file or stdin? What about encoding? File is in ASCII (or UTF-8 - my
>> default system encoding), java uses Unicode. How gnupg-for-java
>> will handle it?
>> Bests

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