[guardian-dev] Developer Square: Our new comment system / community

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Thu May 7 20:32:28 EDT 2015

Today, I posted something on our blog about simple techniques for
reducing the visible impact that your app is installed on a phone, which
you can read it here:

There is definitely some interesting ideas in there, which you
*definitely* want to learn about, and perhaps give me some feedback on.
However, instead of a comment section on the blog post, you will see the
text "Start the discussion at talk.developersquare.net" with a link to:

That site (talk.developersquare.net or just "devsq.net") is run by us,
the Guardian Project, and is our attempt to create a new place on the
web to bring developers together to talk about open-source, privacy,
security, threats, cool new features like nearby networks and sensor
technology, user needs, mobile design, and more, all through a
beautiful, mobile friendly site powered by the open-source, freely
licensed Discourse (http://discourse.org/) platform.

Basically, I want to reach many more developers than we currently can
through just this mailing list and our blog, and have a place to send
people to discuss, share and connect. I also want a place beyond our
blog to publish content like podcasts, video tutorials, guides and more.
For example, we have begun work on a developer guide that aggregates
content from many sources, that you can find on Github:
https://github.com/guardianproject/open-mobile-developers-guide and we
will use DevSq as a point of promotion and distribution for this content
(which we also getting translated into many languages by friends and
volunteers). You can also listen a audio podcast version of my "Encrypt
All The Things" presentation:
which is based on a talk I gave to about sixty developers last year at
Boston's Android DevCon. 

It is very early days, and the content base and community on the site is
still pretty nascent, but I am letting you all know, because A) I want
you to know what who runs this site and why it exists, and B) we hope
you will (over time of course) start interacting, commenting and
generally using the site yourself.

Obviously, this list, our IRC channel, our project trackers and git
repo's will still be the primary places we talk about GP apps, code
libraries, and so on, but we hope that DevSq itself can be a much bigger
tent for a much broader set of people, problems and possibilities.

Thanks for your support and feedback!


  Nathan of Guardian
  nathan at guardianproject.info

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