[guardian-dev] Ethical local discovery?

Yaron Goland yarong at microsoft.com
Fri May 8 22:48:34 EDT 2015

This is an article I just published on Thali's blog (http://www.thaliproject.org/atom) that provides link to a proposal and sample code for how to deal with local discovery for opportunistic synching. This is in response to the previous thread we had on this list on the subject. I would love feedback!

"Can we support local discovery for opportunistic synching without violating our user's privacy rights<http://www.goland.org/localdiscoverybillofrights/>? We have written an article<http://thaliproject.org/presenceprotocolforopportunisticsynching> and provided sample code<https://github.com/yaronyg/cryptopresencetest> implementing a proposal for how to address this problem in a way that meets our perf/bandwidth needs but still reasonably protects user privacy. The proposal isn't complete but the immediate goal is to get feedback on the general approach."


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