[guardian-dev] Ciao TextSecure SMS

Daniel Martí mvdan at mvdan.cc
Thu May 14 13:00:24 EDT 2015

On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 16:55:18 +0000, Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> > Given that TextSecure is now no better than WhatsApp (both do push
> > messaging, both use phone numbers as identities, both use the axolotl
> > ratchet, etc.), I don't really see a need to promote TextSecure over
> > WhatsApp for casual (not-at-high-risk) encryption.  SMSSecure, on the
> > other hand, does something that WhatsApp, WeChat, etc., can't.
> TextSecure and Signal are Free Software.

TextSecure actually isn't. It uses Google Play Services, which is a
non-free java library. It is required for sending the messages via
Google and using their push service. Moreover, it won't work on devices
without google apps.

That is why SMSSecure is in F-Droid and TextSecure isn't, and I'm
guessing that is why people refer to the former as the free software

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