[guardian-dev] hidden services, doze, battery life

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Tue Dec 6 19:10:18 EST 2016

I tried to use briar, which uses a HS on every user's device to get
metadata protection for messaging:


and noticed that it kept my phone always awake.  After some very helpful
discussions, I understand that the basic issue (vast
oversimplification!) is that tor's state machine expects to be called
once/second, and essentially this isn't compatible with android/doze.

So I wonder what you are doing about hidden services in orbot?  Are you
taking a wake lock?  Being a good doze citizen?  Does this really work
(meaning you can keep a HS registered in doze, and the app will notice
arriving traffic in 10 minutes when it hits maintenance window)?  With
or without whitelisting?  Or do you think I'm confused (that would be
great, in this situation)?



(It's on my todo list to change the code to not object to being called
up to about 900s late, and to remove the wake lock from briar, and see
what happens.)

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