[guardian-dev] Signal over Tor

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Sun Dec 11 14:48:00 EST 2016


last week or so Signal introduced voice messages. This is a very nice
feature, because now you can use Signal over Tor and latency with text
or voice messages is really not a problem.

So, I did a few tests. In Orbot, I enabled "Apps VPN Mode" and select
Signal. I have rooted CyanogenMod 13.

I found out, that sometimes Signal traffic is routed to Tor without a
problem, but sometimes it was not. Also, sometimes I needed to reboot
the phone that changes took the effect.

I know this option is experimental, but is there any information when it
will be "production ready"?

There is another idea... you can register "anonymous" number to Signal,
that means number which is not "written" on your SIM card.

So theoretically, you could run Signal over Tor, register unrelated
phone number and communicate anonymously (of course, messages only, but
you can have "pushh-to-talk" feature over Tor).

So, I am thinking, it would be nice to have the ability to run two
instances of Signal. One instance would be linked to your true phone
number, while the other would be truly anonymous.

Is this possible on Android? Running another instance of an app in
"chroot mode"?


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