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in the other hand, Signal is open source so you can do the proper refactor
using Android Studio and build your own copy

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>> Hi,
>> last week or so Signal introduced voice messages. This is a very nice
>> feature, because now you can use Signal over Tor and latency with text
>> or voice messages is really not a problem.
>> So, I did a few tests. In Orbot, I enabled "Apps VPN Mode" and select
>> Signal. I have rooted CyanogenMod 13.
>> I found out, that sometimes Signal traffic is routed to Tor without a
>> problem, but sometimes it was not. Also, sometimes I needed to reboot
>> the phone that changes took the effect.
>> I know this option is experimental, but is there any information when it
>> will be "production ready"?
>> There is another idea... you can register "anonymous" number to Signal,
>> that means number which is not "written" on your SIM card.
>> So theoretically, you could run Signal over Tor, register unrelated
>> phone number and communicate anonymously (of course, messages only, but
>> you can have "pushh-to-talk" feature over Tor).
>> So, I am thinking, it would be nice to have the ability to run two
>> instances of Signal. One instance would be linked to your true phone
>> number, while the other would be truly anonymous.
>> Is this possible on Android? Running another instance of an app in
>> "chroot mode"?
>  I did not test by myself but there some apps for clone and run more
> instances of an app.
> http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/03/18/app-cloner-creates-
> multiple-instances-of-the-same-app-on-your-phone/
> http://swapmyapp.com/how-to/run-multiple-instances-of-one-app/
> In theory if you can change the package name and do the proper refactor to
> the classes , it should work.
>> Regards,
>> M.
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