[guardian-dev] Signal over Tor

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Sun Dec 11 15:27:50 EST 2016


>  I did not test by myself but there some apps for clone and run more
> instances of an app.
> http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/03/18/app-cloner-creates-multiple-instances-of-the-same-app-on-your-phone/
> http://swapmyapp.com/how-to/run-multiple-instances-of-one-app/

This looks interesting, but no way I am downloading APK Editor from
their Dropbox... anyway, actually it is not available on a Dropbox anymore.

Do you know what happens when application is updated? I assume you would
need to install newer version of Signal manually...



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