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2016-12-12 13:41 GMT+01:00 Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at guardianproject.info

> Those are also very useful things for a panic setup.  The other key part
> of the design of Panic Kit is that triggers are separate from responses.
>  So things like deleting, sending messages, backing up data, etc. should
> be in a "responder" app.  Then any trigger app can include that as one
> of the possible responses, including your Ripple fork

You are right , the idea is build a two separate apps, one for the trigger
, with the ability of request ripple activation from others apps via Intent
and other app with the collection of available actions.

> Our InThe Clear could provide some examples for various deletion tasks:
> https://github.com/guardianproject/InTheClear.git
> Another thing to consider is the whole SQLCipher/IOCipher/CacheWord
> model of secure, app-local data storage.  CacheWord manages the key to
> SQLCipher/IOCipher, and the user unlocks that key with their password.
> If the CacheWord key file is deleted, the user no longer has a way to
> unlock SQLCipher/IOCipher: the user's password unlocks the key only, not
> the data.  So then you can just backup the tiny cacheword key file (<
> 1kb), then in a panic delete just that.  Then once things are safe, just
> restore that tiny file.

 hmmm.....very interesting, i will take it in consideration for a feature,
many thanks :)
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