[guardian-dev] How to use orbot proxy in a WebView?

Jeff Gehlbach jeffg at jeffg.org
Mon Dec 26 17:28:01 EST 2016


I came across the thread to which I'm quasi-replying while working on a
bug in another project. Gmane link:


Repeating the logcat message:

ProxyChangeListener: Using no proxy configuration due to
exception:java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual
method 'java.lang.Object android.os.Bundle.get(java.lang.String)' on a
null object reference

Since I managed to fight the same exception, I thought I'd follow up
with the underlying problem and how I got past it.

Since Lollipop / Android 5.0 / API level 21, ProxyChangeListener expects
a ProxyChangeAction intent to have an extra named "proxy" which is set
with a ProxyInfo object. In at least some builds, the lack of this extra
results in the NPE observed by the original poster.

Here's the pull request I opened to resolve the problem where I
encountered it, in the hope that it will be useful:



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