[guardian-dev] Options for Signal circumvention

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Tue Dec 27 12:29:49 EST 2016

I've been pondering this, as I am not really a fan of Briar having
custom tor.  But, I can sort of see why, especially now that HS and doze
is so much trouble.  But we are talking client access here, not HS.

Overall, I think that the number of apps which should be able to use tor
should over time approach the total number of apps.  So bundling tor in
each and running a separate instance seems at least suboptimal and
borders on unworkable.

So, I lean to using NetCipher, and perhaps if orbot is not present show
the user a link to a page explaining it, and if it is present the tor

I also wonder if f-droid could grow a soft dependency feature, where
installing an app could cause f-droid to offer to install a set of
dependency apps.  I really mean soft, in that one could say no, and
obviously apps have to behave reasonably with the dependency app
missing, but it could ease the UX.  Actually, proprietary app stores
could do this also.

(I realize that this approach probably doesn't work on iOS, but I don't
think decisions for android should give much weight to the walled garden
rules on iOS.)
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