[guardian-dev] ChatSecure v14.2.3 maintenance release

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Wed Feb 3 22:30:11 EST 2016

/** 14.2.3 / 02-Feb-2016 / 37c501bce15c3f884958c2c230dce5b3acdd6668 **/

APK: https://guardianproject.info/releases/ChatSecure-v14.2.3a.apk
ASC: https://guardianproject.info/releases/ChatSecure-v14.2.3a.apk.asc

and soon on Play, F-Droid, yada-yada...

With ChatSecure Android, we are in bug fix / maintenance mode on this
code base, and we were long overdue for an update. Thanks to Hans for
taking on a bunch of small issues, and getting me motivated again to put
out a release. For those of you on Android 6/M, this should solve the
bugs related to not being able to connect due to cipher suite conflicts.

95e63a9 fixes #728 and #718 by disabling unsupport cipher suites
9b31ce3 Merge pull request #735 from uxname/patch-1
05991a4 Added missing translation strings
765fe92 update to version name 14.2.2 code 1422001
940599b Merge pull request #733 from eighthave/master
63fe37d get keysync working again!
790f16c OtrFileConverter is called KeySync!
86eb67b update translations: ar bg bo ca cs da el es fa fi fr hu it ja
nb pt ru sr tr zh
6415200 add new translation: mk Macedonian
7c16015 add more translation fixes and unified into a single script
441cddb fix NPE crash when setting background
b13a88d stop crashing if external storage is not available
28a8914 do not claim .ofcaes files, there is no handler hooked up
c66fc94 if import keystore fails, always show Toast
2c4a5ba Merge pull request #731 from eighthave/master
13c37e7 make "Shutdown & Lock" also clear from "Recent Apps"
9ae2dc7 after receiving panic trigger, quit and remove from history
c8bf278 fix crash on shutdown/lock with progress dialog
172c10b use string resource for "Chat Encryption" preference
4792376 Merge pull request #712 from kden/github-672-negative-xmpp-set
a2ec464 Merge pull request #730 from eighthave/master
66bfcbe Fixed bad comparisons for 'checkGroupElem' and 'checkExpon'
basic verification methods for parameters in SMP.
758bbd7 use symlinks to provide alternate folders for Hebrew and
20ce719 GitHub #672 Allowing setting negative XMPP priority
bdd8bca Merge pull request #706 from n8fr8/master
1cd4be5 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/AwesomeApp
482daca fixes github issue #699 for multiple resend of postponed
1990815 ensure the locale is properly set for the app
03f5f89 handle errors thrown lower in the stack here
78c66f1 handle connection being null
f6be4d9 this is not used anymore
5606e08 no need to clear this
c1c18fe handle possible NPE
c21ce30 Merge branch 'master' of
5ca08b5 Merge pull request #698 from eighthave/master
b094091 make-release-build: disable faketime since it is problematic
4a83e97 update changelog for v14.2
6761575 Merge pull request #695 from eighthave/master
0fed76e improve regexps for linkifying and add bitcoin: for payments
1f4bb8e too many views in the account wizard
  Nathan of Guardian
  nathan at guardianproject.info

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