[guardian-dev] commandline ZRTP client?

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Mon Feb 8 14:18:17 EST 2016


> Ring.cx aka SFLPhone might be a better starting point, as it is not Java
> based and has been in some Debian repo at some point.
I am trying to compile Ring.cx, but currently have some troubles.
Anyway, I istallen linphone from apt-get on Raspbian, and I can run

Then I try to register to Ostel service with command:

register sip:MyUsername at ostel.co ostel.co myPassword

Unfortunaltely, registration is not successful. After some time, I got this:

linphonec> Registration on <sip:ostel.co> failed: no response timeout

Any idea what is wrong? I can connect with the same username/password
with Jitsi from Ubuntu...


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