[guardian-dev] info about master password

Massimo Canonico mex at di.unipmn.it
Mon May 2 05:23:48 EDT 2016


you are right. Sorry about that.

Still trying to figure out how cacheword store the password in memory... 
(if it does)


On 02/05/16 11:18, Nathan of Guardian wrote:
> On Sun, May 1, 2016, at 05:25 AM, Massimo Canonico wrote:
>> Does ZOM use cacheword too? Since the last commit of cacheword is quite
>> old (Sept 2015), I thought that maybe Zom uses another library to manage
>> the master password.
> There is this really unfortunate connection between "the last commit
> happened < 6 months ago" and the idea a project is dead or old. It
> really annoys me greatly. Sometimes things are just stable and they
> work, and they don't need to be messed with.
> Harumph.
> +n
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