[guardian-dev] NetCipher interface for anonymity configurations

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at guardianproject.info
Sun Nov 13 04:22:53 EST 2016

Tor Browser includes lots of changes beyond just forcing all network
traffic over Tor.  There are many little details in how apps use the
network that can leak identity info that are ameliorated in Tor Browser.
 I think we should aim to make NetCipher the canonical collection of
these config for Android apps.

For example:

* TLS Session Identifiers/Tickets
* detailed info in HTTP User Agent

The only question for me is how best to expose this stuff to the
developer using the NetCipher library.  We should make NetCipher include
all protections by default, so it does the right thing for anonymity
without special setups.  Otherwise it is too easy to mess up and leak
private info.  But since some of these things provide substantial speed
improvements, we need to provide a way to disable them.

One idea would be to tell devs to use plain networking when going direct
and not through Tor.  Another would be to have methods to disable
specific settings. I'm hoping to open up the discussion to hear other ideas.


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