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Which firefox for android version should I be using? When I go to Orbot to browse it starts with the green lock in address bar, then changes to DDG and there's no green lock. Should I change the default browser to Orfox? I had those two and HTTPS EVERYWHERE installed and had so many problems I uninstalled and now reinstalled. I could not for the life of me find where I was to put in the proxy settings, no matter how many things i looked up showing the procedure. It was very slow and too many times I got "proxy server refuses to connect" or something like that. Or I would get "you don't have permission to enter this site" or "Website blocked" I always have Surf Easy on and many times it just gets turned off. Is that a conflict of interest with Tor? I have all apps checked to run through Tor but have no idea what settings I should be using in Orbot from the long list. I need to do some very private financial transactions today with only a couple hours left. I need to make sure I'm anonymous on the web and very secure. Major stores like WalMart, Target, etc would refuse connections the fastest. And in the apps I would go to change the permissions in their settings and that field would be greyed out and say "no permissions requested" which was crazy. I've deleted a lot of app data, cleared caches, history, etc trying to give it more of a clean slate. I have Google, Chrome, DDG, and will have whatever Firefox is best installed. Often while trying to connect thru Orbot, it would say there had been a network reset or a change in the network settings so I couldn't get thru. That's all I can think of for now. I'm using an LG Stylo 2 Plus phone, the network is MetroPCS, the network type is LTE, Cannel and SID not available, LGMS550 is the phone model and the APN is fast.metropcs.com. ANY ANSWERS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANX!!


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