[guardian-dev] Fw: Need help ASAP with setup.

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Sat Mar 4 17:51:50 EST 2017

Use Orfox browser instead. It is based on Tor Browser, which is based on
Firefox. It comes with all the add-ons built in.

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> On Mar 2, 2017, 4:35 PM, JDTakes wrote:
> Which firefox for android version should I be using? When I go to Orbot
> to browse it starts with the green lock in address bar, then changes to
> DDG and there's no green lock. Should I change the default browser to
> Orfox? I had those two and HTTPS EVERYWHERE installed and had so many
> problems I uninstalled and now reinstalled. I could not for the life of
> me find where I was to put in the proxy settings, no matter how many
> things i looked up showing the procedure. It was very slow and too many
> times I got "proxy server refuses to connect" or something like that. Or
> I would get "you don't have permission to enter this site" or "Website
> blocked" I always have Surf Easy on and many times it just gets turned
> off. Is that a conflict of interest with Tor? I have all apps checked to
> run through Tor but have no idea what settings I should be using in Orbot
> from the long list. I need to do some very private financial transactions
> today with only a couple hours left. I need to make sure I'm anonymous on
> the web and very secure. Major stores like WalMart, Target, etc would
> refuse connections the fastest. And in the apps I would go to change the
> permissions in their settings and that field would be greyed out and say
> "no permissions requested" which was crazy. I've deleted a lot of app
> data, cleared caches, history, etc trying to give it more of a clean
> slate. I have Google, Chrome, DDG, and will have whatever Firefox is best
> installed. Often while trying to connect thru Orbot, it would say there
> had been a network reset or a change in the network settings so I
> couldn't get thru. That's all I can think of for now. I'm using an LG
> Stylo 2 Plus phone, the network is MetroPCS, the network type is LTE,
> Cannel and SID not available, LGMS550 is the phone model and the APN is
> Laurie
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