[guardian-dev] ask Google to allow "Unknown Sources" on ChromeOS

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at guardianproject.info
Fri Sep 1 09:00:51 EDT 2017

ChromeOS (the OS for Chromebooks) now has a complete Android runtime.
There are also persistent rumors that Google is merging ChromeOS and
AndroidOS into a single system.  The scary thing is that ChromeOS's
Android runtime does not allow users to install apps outside of Google Play.

"Unknown Sources" is essential to a lot of the things that we do:

* nearby app sharing like F-Droid, Zapya, Share-It, etc.
* alternative app stores like F-Droid and all those companies
* easy testing via direct APK install, Hockeyapp, etc.
* self-updating apps like Zom, Signal, etc.

Anyone with a google account and an interest in keeping ChromeOS as open
as Android, please star this issue:



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