[guardian-dev] Obfsproxy question

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Thu Sep 28 14:11:01 EDT 2017


> * obfs4 on the client and server
> * Gorilla websocket library on the client and server, wrapping obfs4
> connections in the websocket protocol
> * nginx on the server, serving a real site and reverse proxying
> websocket connections to Gorilla

Thanks for the idea.

The main problem of course is client software. It needs to be something
that could be easily installed and configured...

BTW, I also tried sslh, which works great for port sharing, but still,
traffic is not obfuscated or masked as HTTP...

> Bonus points if the real site is a popular forum celebrating patriotism
> and religious orthodoxy. ;-)
...and you can even get paid for hosting! :-)


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