[guardian-dev] finally setting up direct donations

Abel Luck abel at guardianproject.info
Mon Apr 30 03:17:00 EDT 2018

Awesome Hans, that's cool.

Also its good news that we got funding to give gp.i some love!


Hans-Christoph Steiner:
> Hey all,
> Since the ISC grant includes work on moving guardianproject.info to a
> static site generator, I wanted to include part of that work finally
> adding direct donation links to the Website.
> I think we should feature Liberapay as the preferred donation method.
> Its all free software, there are no fees, the developers receive payment
> for their work via Liberapay donations themselves, and it seems to have
> very fair terms.  I set up a "team" there for us:
> https://liberapay.com/GuardianProject
> Then the way it works is that individual Guardian Project developers
> create an account, and can request a share of the Team revenue.  Then
> its automatically split and paid out accordingly.
> Its growing fast, and SecureDrop and F-Droid are already getting
> something on it:
> https://liberapay.com/explore/teams
> .hc

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