[guardian-dev] Orbot v16 beta 1

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Wed Jan 3 16:08:54 EST 2018

A new Orbot v16 major update beta is posted for testing:

Signed APKs at the link above.

Please test this from a clean install state, as there is a new
onboarding wizard, as well as a fancy new bridge configuration screen.

* New onboarding wizard (do a fresh install to test)
* New bridge setup / testing wizard
* Improved main screen user interface
* Removed left-over superuser permission request
* Made touchscreen optional to enable support for Chromebooks


 Orbot 16.0.0 BETA 1

@n8fr8 n8fr8 released this 2 hours ago ยท 1 commit to master since this

2ced17a update build SDK targets to 26
5c22de2 manifest updates: remove superuser, enable chromebooks
b4aa9d8 more improvements for bridge wizard
df37b8c add bridge wizard testing code
14ce4f6 big update for new onboarding, bridge wizard
2ceacf6 move bridges to raw resources
938a740 improve vpn app enable view on main activity
ba358a4 add new orfox and settings icon
5bd5a56 VPN should be off by default
e464044 connection might be null
5500b50 update spuport library version
546310a improve notifications, add refresh/newnym button
877406f tweak layout
b68132b fix title for tor app section
7210223 fix handling of intents
47e10e7 fix issues with bridge selection UI
e6bd23a more UI updates and small improvements
d9bd32a more UI updates
7303a33 work on the new UI update
6a19bf6 update UI tweaks for next release
3741434 don't show app selection each time you turn VPN on/off
4df2fcf move "other" installer back to tor resource installer
f3f9162 don't delete installed binaries
6493d8d Merge pull request #104 from igortoliveira/remove-java-file
fc4d6aa improve app loading time for VPN app dialog
fbeff25 Remove leftover Java file
544ea7b update build to use tor version constant from tor-android-binary
977167b ZMerge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
b07d4fe removed unused submodules, moved to gradle tor-android
d392ecd remove unneeded external dirs for making tor
3d729fc switch to using tor-android binary in TorService
6f364de use the new tor-android gradle dependency
c7f834b moving binary files, use tor-android gradle
3b5e27e removing external depends, moving to tor-android gradle
898f64a Merge pull request #99 from goapunk/update-BUILD-instructions
e14d647 update BUILD
fce5bde add autopoint to dependencies
72c7e04 Merge pull request #97 from SpotComms/padding
8cf412a Merge pull request #98 from goapunk/add-lzma-zstd-as-dependency
c1dfc29 Update BUILD instructions
9ca36e1 Add lzma and zstd
6e4b700 Expose *ConnectionPadding
71e3464 Merge pull request #94 from Unpublished/fix88
cbffc1d remove some transproxy left overs
1b90412 update CHANGELOG

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