[guardian-dev] Orbot / NetCipher sending status newnym for identity

Tim timc at slowb.ro
Sat May 26 03:51:46 EDT 2018

Hey guardian-dev,

I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction for
NetCipher/Orbot and the ability for other android applications using
netcipher to have the ability to issue a new identity.

I personally like this idea, but I could see how if you had multiple
applications all with specific use cases for changing identities, it
could be end up hurting the performance.

Either way I'd like to see how it could be done, Either from
implementing in NetCipher or from overriding in a specific application.
So please correct my following assumptions if they are incorrect.

>From my understanding this file
is where we (I) would implement something calling the newIdentity

Then once I've created the new identity function called newIdentity in
OrbotHelper, then I should just be able to call it in the application
doing something along the lines of OrbotHelper.newIdentity()

My reasoning behind wanting something like this is for when you have
multiple-accounts on a singular platform. i.e. Swapping accounts on the
same Mastodon instance, or swapping Reddit accounts, so then each
account does not share the same exit node.

Am I looking in the right places?



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