[guardian-dev] RC2! (was Re: Orbot 16.1.0 RC 1 (tor-

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Tue Jul 9 15:41:04 EDT 2019

Orbot 16.1.0-RC-2-tor-

Small fix for VPN mode and DNS

APK: On github release link above, soon f-droid and gplay, and here:



d084aa6 (HEAD -> master, tag: 16.1.0-RC-2-tor- update to
79afbe0 bind pdnsd to virtual address within VPN
9ff0b00 fix VPN code to support dynamic DNS port for Tor
f1e572e use standard string keys for intent values
361ea26 ports can be set to "auto" so allow letters as well
95fe689 (public/master, origin/master, origin/HEAD, newport/master)
update changelog for 16.1 RC 1

On 7/8/19 4:04 PM, Nathan of Guardian wrote:
> Orbot 16.1.0-RC-1-tor-
> https://github.com/guardianproject/orbot/releases/tag/16.1.0-RC-1-tor-
> https://gitweb.torproject.org/orbot.git/tag/?h=16.1.0-RC-1-tor-
> Thanks to @bitmold @sisbell @pgerber and @eighthave for all the great
> work, not to mention the core Tor dev team making all things mobile
> better every day!
> e60c07e (HEAD -> master, tag: 16.1.0-RC-1-tor-, public/master,
> origin/master, origin/HEAD) update to 16.1.0-RC-1-tor-
> 9e54cd6 set PDNSD server IP to for local VPN network
> allowed outside access to DNS port in some cases
> b7d100c fixes #239 #229 #227 #205 and other VPN / DNS issues moved PDNSD
> daemon to load from the .so native path
> f9c1486 Merge pull request #241 from bitmold/fix_hs_dialog_crash
> f1b0015 Merge branch 'sisbell-sisbell_236a'
> 65ee380 (sisbell-sisbell_236a) Merge branch 'sisbell_236a' of
> https://github.com/sisbell/orbot into sisbell-sisbell_236a
> 1c38695 Fixes #236: Separate Constants For VPN, TOR and MAIN_APP
> ce85e95 Fixed crash I introduced with the NoPersonalizedLearningEditText
> 324b35e (tag: 16.1.0-BETA-6-tor- update to
> 16.1.0-BETA-6-tor-
> b613538 Merge branch 'sisbell_236a' of https://github.com/sisbell/orbot
> into sisbell-sisbell_236a
> 124273f (newport/master) Merge branch 'sisbell-sisbell_237'
> 43d807f (sisbell-sisbell_237) remove minSDK from OrbotService manifest
> 45369a2 Merge branch 'sisbell_237' of https://github.com/sisbell/orbot
> into sisbell-sisbell_237
> 4a79476 Merge pull request #234 from bitmold/vpn_request_cancel_bug_fixes
> b0cf742 Merge pull request #233 from bitmold/no_vpn_refresh_btn
> e448c18 Merge branch 'bitmold-remove_orfox'
> f3211ac Fixes #236: Separate Constants For VPN, TOR and MAIN_APP
> 8c232f7 Fixes #237: Upgrade to Gradle 5.x
> 2ebd338 Fixes VPN Request Cancel Bugs
> cde49d1 Removes the refresh button on the VPN Selection screen
> 351ef96 (bitmold-remove_orfox) Removes references to Orfox since it is
> being completely replaced with the Tor Browser for Android.
> Conversations surrounding this can be found here
> https://blog.torproject.org/comment/281767#comment-281767 and here
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/29955
> 656d39b (tag: 16.1.0-BETA-5-tor- update to
> 16.1.0-BETA-5-tor-
> 814fbb3 reset default ports to 9050, 8118 but make them dynamic if
> needed - ports will be checked and if not available, increment +1 - new
> setting add to allow static setting of http port value
> 827b905 ensure we are putting the right value in
> 144a4ed small change to attempt to address localization glitches
> c406267 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
> ecdff5c remove unused settings for root and transproxy
> 811c09a Merge pull request #226 from
> bitmold/removed_unused_eclipes_prefs_folder
> 0361fb9 Merge pull request #225 from bitmold/missing_hidden_service_str
> 510118e Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
> f0103bf Removed unused Eclipse IDE settings files. I think there are old
> Eclipse build files in the root of the repository that should also get
> deleted but I'm not 100% sure if some of them are still used or not
> 768bbf9 The string resource "hidden_service_request" was missed in the
> "hidden service" to "onion service"rename in #222
> 5394007 Merge pull request #223 from
> bitmold/farsi_settings_crash_no_custom_prefs
> f0eede1 Merge pull request #222 from pgerber/onion-service
> aea140c Merge pull request #221 from pgerber/dns-ttl
> 7887e11 fixes Farsi settings crash
> f58ef4c (tag: 16.1.0-BETA-4-tor- update to
> 16.1.0-BETA-4-tor-
> dd3a8b0 improve how bridge lines are configured
> 553528c make sure to use the request shell for exec()
> 1f36689 make sure we set HOME env variable some devices don't have it
> for their sh commands
> dc942cd Rename hidden services to onion services
> 2a0a116 Fix onion service only working intermittently in VPN mode
> 77d979c (tag: 16.1.0-BETA-3-tor- update to
> 16.1.0-BETA-3-tor-
> eb13e15 don't use 'UpdateBridgesFromAuthority' as it seems to cause a hang
> 67b6916 update built-in bridges
> 97a32cc add ' UpdateBridgesFromAuthority' to help keep people connected
> to bridge
> aeb54c7 (tag: 16.1.0-BETA-2-tor- update to
> 16.1.0-BETA-2-tor-
> 6dffafc add dynamic display of SOCKS and HTTP port proxy value
> 397391f remove hardcoded port values, make it all dynamic
> 0edc6a0 update CHANGELOG for 16.1.0-beta-1
> 5374ca8 (tag: 16.1.0-BETA-1-tor- update to AndroidPT Obfs4
> and use external JSocksAndroid module
> 417e4fc update version to 16100003 aka 16.1.0-BETA-1-tor-
> 7ae000d fix pdnsd/VPN support
> dde1957 Merge pull request #219 from bitmold/delete_minimalperm_manifest
> a251d52 Merge pull request #218 from bitmold/ndk_app_platform_warning
> eda464b remove incorrect torFile assignment
> a1c5806 update tor-android to
> ad2e875 We no longer use the minimalperm product flavor so there's no
> need to keep this manifest file in app/src
> 917e49f Removes warning on ndk-build where the target API for NDK (16)
> is greater than the sdk version defined for the project. Since nothing
> was specified in the manifest it defaulted to 1 but we can set this to
> Orbot's minSdkVersion of 16 to get rid of this warning
> f83a98f Merge branch 'sisbell-issue_199'
> ff7d3dd (origin/sisbell-issue_199, sisbell-issue_199) Merge branch
> 'issue_199' of https://github.com/sisbell/orbot into sisbell-issue_199
> 7c2cfc3 Merge pull request #212 from sisbell/issue_211
> 1316fd6 Merge branch 'bitmold-no_personalized_learning_kb'
> e3fd4af (origin/bitmold-no_personalized_learning_kb,
> bitmold-no_personalized_learning_kb) Merge branch
> 'no_personalized_learning_kb' of https://github.com/bitmold/orbot into
> bitmold-no_personalized_learning_kb
> aa8ad86 Merge pull request #204 from bitmold/unreferenced_classes
> 16826a4 Merge branch 'bitmold-removed_obsolete_version_checks'
> 1715460 (origin/bitmold-removed_obsolete_version_checks,
> bitmold-removed_obsolete_version_checks) Merge branch
> 'removed_obsolete_version_checks' of https://github.com/bitmold/orbot
> into bitmold-removed_obsolete_version_checks
> 0e4b42a add close bracket
> 4cee987 Merge branch 'master' into removed_obsolete_version_checks
> 08c35bd Remove unused resources.
> ae4ce1c Fixes #211: Resource Not Found on Command Line Build
> 2fb7e05 Merge pull request #210 from eighthave/fastlane
> 5712010 rename all metadata locale dirs after the Fastlane/Play names
> baced18 setup Fastlane to upload to Google Play
> d2feefd Removed Obsolete @TaretApi Annotations for API Levels that are
> lower than Orbot's minimum, API Level 16
> a32452e Make text inputs in Orbot declare that they do want to opt out
> of IME personalized learning. Of course, IMEs may ignore this request,
> but it's a nudge in the direction of Tor's general philosophy on user
> privacy, particularly with regards to minimizing the footprint that a
> Tor app leaves on the user's device.
> 7d8e41a Removed Constraint Layout Dependency
> 5d04d41 Removed Unused Classes
> 2b6abd7 Removed Obsolete Version Checks
> cd6560f Merge pull request #202 from bitmold/no_constraint_layout
> a5d5c99 (gl/master) remove unused launcher art
> 9257b66 don't shrink or minify for now
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