[guardian-dev] Orbot 16.1.0-BETA-5-tor-

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Tue Jun 18 14:57:47 EDT 2019

Orbot 16.1.0-BETA-5-tor-

* back to 9050 and 8118 as default proxy ports, but will switch to new
ports as needed if those defaults are not available

* other useful improvements from @bitmold and @pgerber



@n8fr8 n8fr8 released this 2 minutes ago

656d39b (HEAD -> master, tag: 16.1.0-BETA-5-tor-,
origin/master, origin/HEAD, newport/master) update to
814fbb3 reset default ports to 9050, 8118 but make them dynamic if
needed - ports will be checked and if not available, increment +1 - new
setting add to allow static setting of http port value
827b905 ensure we are putting the right value in
144a4ed small change to attempt to address localization glitches
c406267 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
ecdff5c remove unused settings for root and transproxy
811c09a Merge pull request #226 from
0361fb9 Merge pull request #225 from bitmold/missing_hidden_service_str
510118e Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
f0103bf Removed unused Eclipse IDE settings files. I think there are old
Eclipse build files in the root of the repository that should also get
deleted but I'm not 100% sure if some of them are still used or not
768bbf9 The string resource "hidden_service_request" was missed in the
"hidden service" to "onion service"rename in #222
5394007 Merge pull request #223 from
f0eede1 Merge pull request #222 from pgerber/onion-service
aea140c Merge pull request #221 from pgerber/dns-ttl
7887e11 fixes Farsi settings crash
f58ef4c (tag: 16.1.0-BETA-4-tor- update to
dd3a8b0 improve how bridge lines are configured
553528c make sure to use the request shell for exec()
1f36689 make sure we set HOME env variable some devices don't have it
for their sh commands
dc942cd Rename hidden services to onion services
2a0a116 Fix onion service only working intermittently in VPN mode
77d979c (tag: 16.1.0-BETA-3-tor- update to
eb13e15 don't use 'UpdateBridgesFromAuthority' as it seems to cause a hang
67b6916 update built-in bridges
97a32cc add ' UpdateBridgesFromAuthority' to help keep people connected
to bridge
aeb54c7 (tag: 16.1.0-BETA-2-tor- update to
6dffafc add dynamic display of SOCKS and HTTP port proxy value
397391f remove hardcoded port values, make it all dynamic
0edc6a0 update CHANGELOG for 16.1.0-beta-1
5374ca8 (tag: 16.1.0-BETA-1-tor- update to AndroidPT Obfs4
and use external JSocksAndroid module
417e4fc update version to 16100003 aka 16.1.0-BETA-1-tor-

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