[Lowdown] First Message from May First/People Link

Alfredo Lopez alfredo at people-link.net
Thu Jun 8 17:32:00 EDT 2006

Welcome to Lowdown, May First/People Link's announcement list.

You're on it because you're an MF/PL member or you have had a past 
relationship with either the May First Technology Collective or 
People Link.

This is going to be a low volume list. We'll send announcements only 
when we have something important to announce. We're making that point 
because, this week, the list is going to be a bit busier than normal.

First of all, we've redesigned our website so please visit it at 

Second, we'll be sending a very important email tomorrow about our 
outreach work.

After that, we don't expect to mail more frequently than weekly if that.

It's a privilege to be working with you and we want to thank you for 
your support of May First/People Link's work.

Jamie, Josue, Alfredo
May First/People Link
Growing Networks to Build a Just World!
718-303-3204 -- (ext. 106)
Members Local 1180, Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO

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