[Lowdown] Report on Dec. 20 Meeting of Leadership Committee

Alfredo Lopez alfredo at mayfirst.org
Mon Dec 29 17:51:10 EST 2008

Hi all,

Here's the report on the recent Leadership Committee meeting.





Report on Dec. 20 Meeting of the MF/PL Leadership Committee

Note: the Leadership Committee is the highest decision-making body in 
May First/People Link. This was its first face to face meeting.

The Committee convened at about 10:00 am and made self-introductions.

The Leadership Committee of May First/People Link -- the body that 
politically directs the organization -- determined that the coming 
year's goals would include continuing outreach work, expansion of the 
organization's Social Forum and Hemispheric work as well as more 
concerted "internal discussion" among its members with the goal of 
building true internal democracy.

The Committee met in New York City on December 20,2008. This was its 
first face to face meeting.

After hearing full reports on the organization's status, membership, 
technology and work, the Committee set the following goals for the 
coming year:

* Concentration on the World Social Forum which continues to be one of 
the organization's primary areas of work and one for which it has 
received greatest attention

* Facilitation and organization of consultative on-line events within 
the Hemisphere to build an Hemispheric economic agenda -- starting with 
a five-city workshop on the economy in January and culminating in a 2010 
on-line "consulta" involving groups in all the countries of the Hemisphere

* An extensive Internet-based outreach campaign with a strong political
message for progressives to join MFPL.

* A rigorous "constituency-based" schedule of "member meetings" bringing 
together members with some common area of work or constituency to 
discuss the current MF/PL technology and other issues and to determine 
what kinds of technology they feel is needed in their work.

The Committee also defined its own scope of responsibilities and those 
of its Co-Directors and determined that current Co-Director Alfredo 
Lopez and Jamie McClelland should continue it that position for the 
coming year.

The MF/PL Leadership Committee is:

	* Sam Anderson
     * Daniel Kahn Gillmor
     * Louis Head
     * Hilary Goldstein
     * Josue Guillen
     * Mallory Knodel
     * Alfredo Lopez
     * Christy Thornton
     * Jamie McClelland
     * Liz Mestres
     * Makani Themba
	* Linda Thurston
More information and a fuller report on the meeting are available 
on-line at:



Alfredo Lopez, Co-Director
May First/People Link
Growing Networks to Build a Just World!
718-303-3204 -- (ext. 106)
Members Local 1180, Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO
Public Key: http://www.alfredolopez.net/alfredopublickey

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