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Last month, members of the May First/People Link Leadership Committee
come together to discuss political direction of MF/PL in 2010. Coming
up, MF/PL presents on collaborative technology organizing in the social
forum movement, and many members begin their annual holiday fundraising
drives. The Online Meeting Center is lanched for easy creation of your
own Collaborative Democracy Workshop!


Our second MF/PL Leadership Committee meeting was held on November 21,
2009 at the Brecht Forum. The Leadership Committee is May First/People
Link's body for deciding the organization's political direction. All
leadership committee members are members of May First/People Link. The
current members are (organizations are for identification purposes
only): Alfredo Lopez, May First/People Link, Amy Dalton, Christy
Thornton, NACLA Report on the Americas, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Louis Head,
Cuba Research & Analysis Group, Hilary Goldstein, Jamie McClelland, May
First/People Link, Josue Guillen, Progressive Technology Project, Linda
Thurston,War Resisters League, Liz Mestres, The Brecht Forum, Mallory
Knodel, May First/People Link, Makani Themba, The Praxis Project, and
Sam Anderson. Our major foci for the coming year include increasing
MF/PL Membership, US and World Social Forums, and a Consulta
Hemispherica on the economy.

MF/PL Co-Director Alfredo Lopez explains the important role of
Progressive Providers in social movements in a new online video "Alfredo
On: Progressive Providers". View the 15-minute clip at

Organizing 2.0 Conference presents US Social Forum: Organizing
Technology for a Movement. Plans are well underway for the June 2010 US
Social Forum in Detroit. The Forum already has a full time staff,
hundreds of organizers, dozens of working groups, and is expecting tens
of thousands of people to attend. Come discuss the technology,
organizing strategy, and unique approach to building the technology
infrastructure with members of the USSF 2010 Information, Communications
and Technology Working Group. More information is here:


Order raffle tickets online to benefit the War Resister's League! Just
go to: https://www.warresisters.org/raffletickets You can also order
more tickets to sell. We have a profit-sharing plan for groups that sell
more than 50 tickets. Sell them at marches, demonstrations, concerts,
conferences. Have them at your literature table. Your raffle
contribution goes directly to support the campaigns and programs of the
War Resisters League in our efforts to end war and eliminate its causes.

It's official - as of 12pm November 30, 2009, the Neighborhood
Preservation Center Holiday Online Auction is LIVE! The auction is
taking place on ebay.com. Proceeds from this auction will help support
the Neighborhood Preservation Center, a project of the St. Mark's
Historic Landmark Fund. For more information, visit


bbarash Productions
Tamms Year Ten


...MF/PL software developers have created a truly collaborative tool for
creating and editing a list of principles? Many of you may have already
had the exciting chance to participate in a Collaborative Democracy
Workshop. Although the source code for this software has of course
always been free and available from our website, we've now made it easy
to create your own collaborative Online Meeting!

Just visit our Online Meeting Center at http://meetings.mayfirst.org

MF/PL's creation of Collaborative Democracy started at the US Social
Forum in Atlanta 2007. Since, we've performed the activity at countless
conferences all over the world with over 500 people participating!
Because it's online, you can gather groups in different locations, too.
Topics that we've discussed include Internet Bill of Rights, Economic
Rights, Technology Principles of the US Social Forum.

There's even been a proposal to use it for generating a cookbook! What
can your group collaborate on?

The website is in the early stages of development, so send us your
feedback on this site and your vision for its potential at
info at mayfirst.org.

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