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Two MF/PL members sites go under attack for aiding protestors in London
and satire, plus MF/PL protects Wikileaks! MF/PL arrives in Cancun,
launching an alternative media site. Free Software is threatened in the
US under ACTA. Plus, information about MF/PL's Leadership Committee!

MEMBER NEWS: Sanctuary for Independent Media | The Yes Men Spoof Apple
MF/PL EVENTS & NOTICES: FitWatch Joins MF/PL | COP16: Grassroots Climate
| Wikileaks Solidarity
INTERNET ACTION: ACTA Threatens Free Software
MF/PL MEMBERS, DID YOU KNOW: MF/PL is led by a Leadership Committee


*Gallery Opening at the Sanctuary for Independent Media: Invisible, The
Crisis of LGBT Youth Homelessness*

For the past 4 years, Samantha Box has dedicated herself to
photographing homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)
youth in New York City. The Youth Media Sanctuary held a fundraiser on
November 19, 2010, which featured Ms. Box's work. See more here:


*The Yes Men Spoof Apple*

Creating a spoof site of an Apple product called the Apple-CF (for
Conflict Free), the Yes Men elucidated the true cost of electronics as
originating in areas like Congo, where the market of precious metals
found in electronics fuel conflict. The site, apple-cf.com, is no longer
live due to a DMCA take down notice from Apple, which our upstream
provider complied with. Read more here:


*EveryDNS shuts down WikiLeaks; the world responds

Responding to the recent attacks on information distributor WikiLeaks,
we offered a solidarity solution that actually has been picked up in
other places, including a recent column in the Guardian. Co-Director
Jamie McClelland introduced the idea in his blog:

"What if everyone who controlled a domain name volunteered a subdomain
for WikiLeaks? For example: wikileaks.mayfirst.org. Just create an A
record that points to the IP address"

And, it appears, some people have taken it up. It would be great if all
of us who control a domain would do the same as an act of solidarity
with an important organization that needs all the support we can give it
and whose survival is key to all our continued work.



*FitWatch Under Attack by UK Officials Moves to MF/PL*

We have again provided a protective environment for a website under
attack. This one is www.fitwatch.org.uk, a site which monitors and
publicizes the activities of England's Forward Intelligence Team
program: a program of demonstration and political activity surveillance.

Last week, student protesters in the UK organized a massive
demonstration to protest eduction cuts. 50,000 people marched and dozens
have been arrested. Fitwatch has been reporting on the demonstrations
and offering support to the movement.

Read more: http://www.fitwatch.org.uk/

*COP 16: Grassroots Climate Solutions*

>From the Cancun Delegation 2010: We are grassroots and allied
organizations from North America representing immigrant, youth
low-income, people of color, and indigenous communities actively engaged
in Climate Justice organizing. Our organizing strategy prioritizes many
things, including supporting solidarity with grassroots movements around
the world, to link our struggles, and to craft the international
policies and structures we need to apply our local solutions globally.

Our contribution to the many groups in COP16 includes a website that
aggregates many different kinds of media, including live streaming.
Visit this website to get the latest, on-the-ground news:


INTERNET ACTION: ACTA Threatens Free Software

ACTA's official name is "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement", but the
term "counterfeiting" in this context is a distortion of the word and a
misrepresentation of the issues. Although the proposed treaty’s title
might suggest that the agreement deals only with counterfeit physical
goods (such as medicines), what little information has been made
available publicly by negotiating governments about the content of the
treaty makes it clear that it will have a far broader scope, and in
particular, will deal with new tools targeting “Internet distribution
and information technology”.

Sign the declaration against ACTA with the Free Software Foundation:


Labor Press
CWA Local 1180


... MF/PL is led by a Leadership Committee?

May First/People Link's Leadership committee meets once a year to set
the organization's political agenda. For a list of Leadership Committee
members, meeting notes, and agendas, see:



Server Name: Jones

Mary Harris "Mother" Jones was one of the founders of the American labor
movement, a designer of the modern "community organizing" strategy and
an organizer and agitator whose approaches to both are still used over
70 years after her death.

Born in Ireland, she was early on an organizer in the Irish immigrant
communities. In those communities, she encountered the abuse of child
labor practices and the horrible "day worker" conditions faced by
working class people. She became a union organizer and one of the
founders of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World).

It was during her leadership of the Coal Miners strike in Virginia in
1902 that West Virginia Prosecutor Reese Blizzard called her "the most
dangerous woman in America." She also was central in the 1902 Childrens'
Crusade that moved the country toward eliminated child labor.

Mother Jones was a spell-binding speaker often using parables and props
during her speeches and this approach to public speaking (contrasted
with the bombastic style of politicians of the day) continues to
influence progressive speakers today.

She died at the age of 93 (or maybe 100, as she claimed).

Because of what she has meant to the labor movement, to working people,
to women, to children and to this country and world, we celebrate her
life with the work and information flowing through this server.

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Mallory Knodel

May First/People Link Leadership
...Growing Networks to Build a Just World...


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