[Lowdown] May First/People Link Panel at the Left Forum

Jamie McClelland jm at mayfirst.org
Tue Feb 28 19:49:07 EST 2012

May First/People Link is organizing a panel at the upcoming Left Forum
(NYC March 16-18) that you will *not* want to miss. It's called:

Our World, Our Struggle, Our Internet: An International Conversation
about How Technology Makes a World-wide Revolution Possible

And the description reads:

As the world erupts in popular struggle, movement leaders from various
parts of the world come together to talk about the role the Internet and
communications technology have played in their movements' work and their
potential in enhancing global influence, interaction, and support.
Movement activists from Palestine, Africa, Latin America, Indian Country
and the United States will present and interact with the audience in
person and via teleconferencing.

Look at this line-up!!!


Indigenous artist, organizer and broadcaster Tiakosin Ghosthorse

Mexican activist, founder of Mexico's LaNeta and now on MF/PL staff
Enrique Rosas

Lawyer, educator and Internet activist Gráinne O'Neill

Palestian activist and boycott organizer Dawood Hamoudeh

Educator and organizer in Palestine Occupied territories Dalia Othman

Sahara Reporters Editor Omoyele Sowore (Sahara Reporters)

Portside Moderator Barry Cohen

Moderated by May First Leadership Committee member Alfredo Lopez

We don't have the time or day yet but there are hundreds of great
workshops at the Forum so setting aside a couple of days to attend is
probably a time investment that you'll find worth it. And we'll let you
know the time and place as soon as we find out. In any case, save the

(Left Forum is a member of May First/People Link. It is the largest
yearly convergence of its type in this country.)

Jamie McClelland

May First/People Link
Growing networks to build a just world
Members Local 1180, Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO

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