[Service-advisories] major outage affecting all servers hosted at telehouse

Jamie McClelland jm at mayfirst.org
Sun Nov 7 20:27:33 EST 2010

Servers affected: albizu algernon allende angela assata axle blanco bolivar chavez debord dolores douglass fred galeano goofball gramsci harry hubert ignatz jones katanko keller ken kiyoshi leslie lumumba makhno malcolm mandela marcos menchu mirabal morales moses peltier robideau roe roscoe shadow sontag stallman tenant toussaint viewsic
Date: 2010-11-07

We experienced a massive outage affecting about 50% of our members (all
members with services hosted at Telehouse), which started at 5:25 pm
America/New_York time. Most servers were back online by about 7:20 pm,
with all services back up at 8:00 pm.

We're still exploring the cause of the outage. It seems to have been
caused by a server crashing (bolivar) in a way that caused a flood of
network traffic on our switch.

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