[Service-advisories] restore update for pietri, julia, eagle, seeger, and kramer

Jamie McClelland jm at mayfirst.org
Fri Apr 8 07:30:04 EDT 2011

Servers affected: pietri seeger julia kramer eagle
Date: 2011-04-08

During our restoration of julia, we discovered that MySQL databases were
not properly backed up. That means, if you are running a site on
julia.mayfirst.org and you were using a database, we were *not* able to
restore your database. 

We consider this data loss completely in-excusable and are taking
immediate steps to audit our systems to ensure it does not happen again.

We sincerely apologies for this data loss and will work with you to help
restore from any backups you may have or rebuild your databases as best
we can.

At the moment all other data has been restored to both eagle and julia
(email, web files, etc) and we are working out some remaining kinks.

seeger and kramer will be restored later today.

Additionally, in a previous service advisory, we mistakenly identified
didier as being affected. didier was not affected by this issue.
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