[Service-advisories] server restart scheduled for tonight: most servers in both colo locations

Jamie McClelland jm at mayfirst.org
Fri Feb 17 16:59:35 EST 2012

Servers affected: vilma gil leslie boggs stone assata marx tresca hashmi
roe stallman allende negri algernon bouazizi clyde dorothy hay malcolm
proudhon ranciere clr che  daza  ella  mayfirst  rodolpho  sankara
simone  sojourner pietri annette  clara colin  eagle  julia  kwame
moses  paul kiyoshi chavez ken bataille  brown  debs  douglass  fuller
ignatz  lucius  makhno  mandela  menchu  mirabal  peltier
Period affected: February 17, 11:00 pm - February 18 2:00 am America/New_York
Date: 2012-02-17

Due to problems we experienced with our currently running Linux kernel
this afternoon, we are scheduling a kernel upgrade and reboot of all
most physical machines late tonight (see list above). We expect
approximately 15 minutes of down time for each server.  

We are taking this step pro-actively to avoid downtime during regular
working hours in the future.
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