[Service-warnings] MFPL service warnings and communication

Jamie McClelland jm at mayfirst.org
Sat Oct 1 19:25:34 EDT 2011

Hello MFPL member contacts,

You are getting this message because you are listed as a contact for a
member of May First/People Link, the progressive hosting organization.

We have implemented the recommendations made at the July 28 tech/member
meeting at the Brecht Forum (for brief notes, see

One of those recommendations was to create a service-warnings email
announcement list for infrequent yet significant changes to the
technology infrastructure of May First/People Link. Per the
recommendations, we have automatically subscribed all member contact
email addresses to this list and instituted a system to automatically
subscribe new member contacts moving forward.

You may opt out of this list, but we *strongly* discourage it. By
remaining on this list you will receive important communications
regarding the servers running your web sites, email lists and other
pieces of technology critical for your work.

We are continuing the service-advisories list, through which we send
frequent technology advisories, and the lowdown list, our regular

For more information about our email communications, please see:


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