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Micky Metts micky at agaric.com
Tue Mar 12 22:51:26 EDT 2019

Join the discussion on an idea from Nicolas Dimarco of Fiqus.coop

Here is something Nicolas Dimarco wrote about the trip and connecting
with tech cooperatives in other countries.

"The purpose of getting in touch with other co-operatives in the world
is not just one, it could be said that they are several at the same time
and with equal importance.

First of all we believe that the best way to strengthen the co-operative
movement is to be connected, to share experiences, information ... in
other words, to cooperate between each other. That is the essence of the
organizational form we adopt for our companies.

Secondly, I think we have a great opportunity that we are not taking
advantage of. Thousands of startups from various countries around the
world contact Argentine software development companies to look for
developers. Then the result of the work is sold much inflated price
globally. If we stand together, if we coordinate, we could integrate for
example with the cooperatives in the USA or in the UK, with their
development groups, lowering their costs, becoming more competitive
locally among capitalist companies. At the same time we would have the
opportunity to work with other co-operatives under the same values and
strengthen the co-operatives there and here by working together and
cooperating with each other.

Finally, by being connected, it gives us the advantage of learning from
other experiences, reducing the efforts to achieve more efficient
collective solutions.

Following this idea, we are planning a trip to the UK in April to meet
several technology co-operatives. We believe that the way to build
relationships is to get to know each other, build trust, share
experiences and understand similarities and differences. After that
process we can start thinking about sharing projects and setting up
inter-cooperative work teams.

See you in the chat! - https://zoom.us/j/236157529

In Solidarity, 

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