[AgaricShowandTell] Join Agaric and friends for Show and Tell Wednesday November 27th from 11am ET (New York)

Micky Metts micky at agaric.com
Tue Nov 26 20:42:13 EST 2019

Join Agaric for Show and Tell Wednesday November 27th from 11am  ET (New York)

Let's discuss value-based work as opposed to hourly billing. Asking a
client, what is this worth to you? Please take a look at this before we
<https://mailchi.mp/draft/help-promote-value-based-design> and
https://jonathanstark.com/hbin Not trying to sell the book, but just
opening a discussion on hourly billing vs value billing. I have not read
his books, but was sent the info by someone who has. From our S+T chat
notepad: https://pad.drutopia.org/p/show-tell

  * basing invoicing on "value-based designing". Asking -- "what is this
    worth to you?" instead of "how much time did it take?"

  * Abraham: first thing someone does when client approaches, is he
    tries to talk them out of it- https://jonathanstark.com/podcast

How do we bill clients and is it working?

Here is the link to join the chat - https://meet.jit.si/showandtell

See you there!

In Solidarity, 

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