[AgaricShowandTell] Show and Tell Chat Link for 9/25

Micky Metts micky at agaric.com
Fri Oct 4 02:06:44 EDT 2019

Thanks Patrick! I will check out the links soon. I am really happy to
hear it went well and it seems like a great conversation to keep going
and circling back to when no one is presenting. Thanks to my Agaric
co-workers for jumping in - Thanks to all for the excellent notes! - I
did heal! Then I completely fell off the track with sending an invite
for this week as I am now in San Francisco with Ben, Clayton and
Mauricio and our friend Keegan who will be a first time presenter at a
Drupal camp - the topic is awesome:
Agaric is doing some presentations and a Drupal migration training at
BADcamp.org event and we flew out on Tuesday, the day when I usually
send the email invites, and the task slid off of my plate. Before I knew
it... it was today.

Let me know if you have ideas for next week, October 9th, I have a few
suggestions. I encourage us all to use this list more and share our
successes, failures and things like conferences that may be of interest.
So - sorry I *failed* to send an invite this week!

In Solidarity, 

Micky Metts
Agaric ~ FreeScholar
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On 9/25/19 12:44 PM, Patrick Connolly wrote:
> Hey all! Awesome call today, with *11 attendees* representing *6
> co-ops* (and some indie folks) from across *Argentina, Canada,
> Germany, and USA* :)
> Lots of notes this week: https://pad.drutopia.org/p/show-tell
> Thanks to mlncn and clayton for supporting on note-taking, and clayton
> for stepping in to facilitate! And I hope you're feeling better soon,
> Micky, and will be back next week!
> Also, I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but wanted to share a
> tool for *visualizing Sociocratic circles:* *Peerdom. *It's built by a
> software dev shop called NothingAgency: https://peerdom.org
> <https://peerdom.org/>
> Explorable demos
> here: https://nothing.peerdom.org/ | https://demo.peerdom.org
> <https://demo.peerdom.org/> | https://team.peerdom.org
> <https://team.peerdom.org/>
> I've had a call with them, and they are really *interested to service
> the co-op space*, and even built features that support users seeing
> connections/circles outside the normal company boundaries (e.g.,
> seeing connected circles in other co-ops). They seem like an
> interesting org (half the source code is open source fwiw), and I'd
> highly recommend booking a demo call with them. The platform seems
> worth paying for. 
> *The company that built it, NothingAgency*, have explored *converting
> their company to a co-op* (as they are very democratic anyhow), but
> last time they tried to work toward that, the deliberative process
> made them burn through some savings and they had to abort the
> conversation for the moment. I feel that *their meeting other
> successful and vibrant co-ops would be good* for their own growth
> trajectory as well :)
> Best,
> Patrick
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> On Tue, Sep 24, 2019 at 9:55 PM Micky Metts <micky at agaric.com
> <mailto:micky at agaric.com>> wrote:
>     Link to join the chat: https://meet.jit.si/showandtell
>     Show and Tell will happen on Wednesday, September 25th at 11am ET.
>     The topic we chose at the last meeting is: SOCIOCRACY.
>     What is Sociocracy and how do you use sociocratic methods in your
>     organization or with other developers?
>     For those seeking to form a cooperative, do you plan on using the
>     principles of Sociocracy in your cooperative?
>     Sign up for an invitation and to receive the chat link:
>     https://lists.mayfirst.org/mailman/listinfo/showandtell
>     Here are some links to get a better understanding of Sociocracy:
>     https://medium.com/@JenRau/platform-co-op-governance-deep-democracy-on-scale-c934f523b80e
>     http://sociocracyforall.org/sociocracy/
>     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkXOXeD50wQ
>     You can add links you might find that are related to Sociocracy on
>     the notes for the upcoming chat on the 25th:
>     https://pad.drutopia.org/p/show-tell-2019-09-25
>     Send your friends this link to join us on Wednesdays:
>     https://agaric.coop/show
>     In Solidarity,
>     Micky Metts
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