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Patrick Connolly patrick.c.connolly at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 12:51:52 EDT 2019

Hi all --

Missed this week, but any chance there may have been a recording? If not,
would be totally grateful to discuss/do that in the future!

Also, any notes to catch up on convo are appreciated :)


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On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 11:56 PM Micky Metts <micky at agaric.com> wrote:

> Join Agaric for Show and Tell Wednesday September 11th from 11am - 11:30am
> ET (New York)
> We can start with short introductions, choosing a note taker and then,
> anyone that has a lightning talk/demo - Take 5 minutes to introduce
> anything you wish to show, talk about, or just to query to the group. How
> about revealing something you learned recently? How about proposing a
> future Show and Tell topic?
> If you plan on participating in a lightning talk, please arrive by 11 so
> we do not move on to the discussion part of the chat before we get to hear
> whatever you wish to present!
> After any lightning talks, I would like to discuss troubleshooting the
> success of your business. We can all handle the tech, but who handles the
> "business chores". Here are a few questions to get the conversation
> started.
> 1. How do you deal with difficult times with your workmates? (what are
> difficult times? - too much work, not enough work, disagreements on methods
> of operation???)
> 2. How do you handle the chores that no one wants to do?
> 3. Are there basic minimum requirements for worker-owners?
> 4. Do you take turns doing the non-fun things or does the same person end
> up doing the crappy work?
> 5. Is it good to have everyone doing the books or handling the project
> management tasks?
> 6. How do you know when to grow vs. hiring freelancers?
> For those seeking to form a cooperative, have you planned on finding
> others that have specific skills or should everyone be able to handle
> multiple roles?
> LINK to the chat: https://meet.jit.si/showandtell
> LINK to the Notes (add/remove):
> https://pad.drutopia.org/p/show-tell-2019-09-11
> Send your friends this link to join us on Wednesdays:
> https://agaric.coop/show
> In Solidarity,
> Micky Metts
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