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Micky Metts micky at agaric.com
Sat Aug 15 01:23:20 EDT 2020

Show and Tell with Agaric Wednesday August 19th at 11am ET

If you are doing client work, you are probably sending invoices... what a pain! Agaric has been searching for a project management tool with the features we need, not a bloated enterprise system full of useless tabs and buttons. Business Tracker is looking like the sweet-spot we have been actively seeking!!! This is a fantastic opportunity and we all have the ability to add input to guide the development on this open source project. 
Business Tracker is a business management tool featuring accounts, invoices, partners, projects, and server. We will re-visit NOVA Web Development Co-Op's amazing progress on this time tracking tool for keeping track of projects and invoicing your clients. Business Tracker is a great replacement for proprietary  invoicing systems. Take a peek at their gitLab to see the transparent development in progress. You can get involved if you want to.

Visit their site here: http://novawebdevelopment.org 
*Another cool tool from Nova Web Development is LibreOrganize. A web platform for local unions and progressive organizations: https://gitlab.com/libreorganize/libreorganize

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