[AgaricShowandTell] TECH+COOP : Show and Tell 12/9 at 3pm ET - Fundraising $$$

Micky Metts micky at agaric.com
Mon Dec 7 16:42:27 EST 2020

TECH+COOP : Show and Tell Thursday 12/9 at 3pm ET

At Show and tell tomorrow, we will discuss tactics for fundraising.
Think of this meeting as your Knowledge GIFT to the worldwide community.
If you cannot join, please send any resource links to this list (hit
reply or send to showandtell at lists.mayfirst.org) that may be helpful for
people doing fundraising for their organization.

Leaders, thinkers, activists, technologists, organic folks and everyone
involved in any progressive outreach campaigns... We need you and your
These are some talking points to get people started and not the only
routes to raise funds, ideas and strategies are welcome and needed
before some viable organizations become extinct in 2021.

2020 has seen many organizations, de-funded, de-platformed (kicked off
of popular platforms), scared, broke and confused as to the future
finacial health of their goals.
Let's discuss the tactical and logistical efforts that can be used to
raise funds for the wonderful groups we work with.

1. How have you successfully raised $?
2. What online channels do you use to raise $?
3. How can your efforts be used by another group to raise funds?
4. What fundraising skills do you have that could help others?
5. Who can lead some future discussions on fundraising?
6. Do you have technical experience to offer help to organizations to
use sites like Youtube to raise funds?
7. Do you know how to write grant proposals?
8. Do you have experience in using social media to raise $?
9. Can you help people create short videos needed for exposure - so few
organizations have this...?
10. Do you have any resource links to share on fundraising
tactics/strategies?  Like https://opencollective.org
11. What specific issues do you have with outreach and fundraising?

Chat link: http://communitybridge.com/bbb-room/show-and-tell/ 
To enter, use any name and the room password/access code: elephant9

Send this link to friends that would like an invitation to our weekly
Show and Tell, so they will receive the chat link via our email
announcements once a week:

In Solidarity, 

Micky Metts
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