[AgaricShowandTell] Show and Tell, Tomorrow, 12/17 at 3pm ET - Introducing YunoHost

Chris Thompson chris at agaric.com
Wed Dec 16 06:14:03 EST 2020

At Show and tell tomorrow, we will discuss an easy-to-use self-hosting (or "Personal Cloud") option: YunoHost

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While this is the "Tech" week, I'd like to encourage all to join anyway: while we may get technical eventually, the target audience for YunoHost is anyone needing/wanting server-based software they can trust at reduced complexity to what often comes with such an effort. While this is the case, I won't over-sell that either: if you can, say, use a cell phone effectively, yet the microwave insists it's "12:00" (all day), you may need a technical buddy to help you get started.


The great thing about free software is that you can "DIY" whatever you'd like to with it. Of course, nothing in life is quite so simple, and "free software" most certainly does not equate with "zero associated costs"; DIY-ing a home server in order to offer your own library of web-based (or other server-based) applications comes with a potential host of headaches. Excluding the hardware and connectivity, there are varying levels of complexity involved just getting server software up and running, and then ongoing maintenance, backups, and so on.

For quite some time, I've hoped to have a reasonable alternative to offer to someone that *isn't* a system admin, to enable them to have the personal freedom to make use of some of the great tools available today. Well, I think I may have finally found this in YunoHost.

YunoHost offers an outstanding installation experience, a library of easy-to-install services, and great documentation.

I'll be providing a brief review of what I've learned recently about this contender in the "self-hosting" space. We'll take a look at:

* What is self-hosting all about and why do I want to do it?
* Others in the realm of YunoHost [Cloudron, Sandstorm.io, 'one-click' apps and so on]
* Hosting options and requirements
* What YunoHost offers "out of the box"
* The installation experience
* Tour the applications that run on YunoHost
* Administration overview
* User experience

After we've covered the basics, we can dive into the technical weeds, but I'd like to keep the up-front discussion less technical to involve the larger community.

Chat link: http://communitybridge.com/bbb-room/show-and-tell/  To enter,
use any name and the room password/code: elephant9

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