[AgaricShowandTell] CloudHaven a platform cooperative venture

leedscath leedscath at fastmail.co.uk
Sun Feb 9 13:31:14 EST 2020

hi there Rich,

I'm not a techy at all, so forgive me this question is ignorant, how is
this likely to be different from  https://cloudron.io/  ?

cheers, Cath
Leeds, England

On 08/02/2020 00:44, rich at cloudhaven.net wrote:
> Hi, my name is Rich Vann,
> I've viewed one of your show-and-tells that Micky hosted a while back
> but then got sidetracked with a startup - now I am back into the
> cooperative movement. 
> I am a long-time software developer who is politically progressive and
> deeply supportive of the cooperative movement, especially platform
> cooperatives.
> I would like to describe (present) a platform I am developing,
> CloudHaven, that I think addresses many of the concerns that resonate
> with platform cooperatives.
> I am looking for additional key members for this venture/cooperative
> in several different roles, or for additional forums to generate
> discussion/interest.
> The platform:* CloudHaven*
> Give all users a “Sovereign home in the Cloud” creating a user-centric
> Internet.
> *
> Stalker economy – exploitation of personal data
> Duplication of effort (login, registration, data entry,…)
> Poor collaboration and inter-app integration
> Fragmented systems and with varying/re-invented UIs
> Poor Security
> Venture capital-funded and centralized platforms/monopolies
> Gig economy
> *SOLUTION - CloudHaven*
> CloudHaven enables full personal data control while solving many
> fundamental problems with users and applications on the Internet like
> collaboration and seamless application integrations (and much more) in
> a surprisingly simple way.
> I have a formal pitch deck for CloudHaven, available upon request,
> that goes into much more detail about the solution, platform, adoption
> plan, business model, etc. I am getting assistance with the Cal
> Poly-associated Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and have
> presented this venture to some key leaders of the platform cooperative
> movement (who advised me to post to this list).
> I can be reached at rich at cloudhaven.net - or via
> the platformcoop-discuss at lists.riseup.net email list.
> I am located in California central coast near San Luis Obispo.
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leedscath at fastmail.co.uk
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Between Nov 2017 & Oct 2018 I toured radical coops, communities & collectives in Spain & Norther America::

Twitter: @leedscath
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I am still on sabbatical from Footprint Workers Coop, www.footprinters.co.uk
Working 2 days/wk at Leeds Wood Recycling: 
Class society has a tremendous resilience, a great capacity to cope with
'subversion', to make icons of its iconoclasts, to draw sustenance from
those who would throttle it.
Maurice Brinton

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