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I've seen a number of solutions like cloudiron.io - CloudHaven is fundamentally different in that the architecture of CloudHaven enables it to provide some of the same user-oriented functions but they can be seamlessly integrated as if part of any application and this is accomplished without the need for OAuth protocols, etc. (while allowing users to keep full control of their personal data).
I have a concise pitch deck that summarizes the CloudHaven venture - I can present that too you or anyone else who is interested.
Think of CloudHaven as if you took the "user entity" out of every cloud application (user management, authentication, messaging, file-sharing, calendar, alerts and the presentation layer), extracted into a single normalized entity under the user's full control, owned by users and not monolithic cloud applications. At least for the UI oriented side of an application (as opposed to REST apis, etc.), the authentication point is with the presentation layer. CloudHaven provides a UI-as-a-service similar to how NetSuite programs UIs with SuiteScript - applications can still have custom UIs/UXs, but the lower level presentation layer is CloudHaven. This is done for two main reasons:
Personal data can be stored and controlled in CloudHaven - incoming data is stripped off, stored in CloudHaven and replaced with a token that continues on to the application it serves - outbound tokens from the application are replaced with the personal data that token represents, and
Many things can be seamlessly integrated together - CloudHaven file viewers, messaging, calendars, etc can be seamlessly integrated into any applications UI. Also applications components can be seamlessly integrated in other applications. Also, application components can be seamlessly integrated into messages, in effect removing the boundary between the message and the application. This integration is not accomplished through complicated and often deficient-ly implemented OAuth protocols exposed to the Internet, but in a closed system not exposed to the Internet
Here is another way to look at it. Historically, every cloud application has acted like it is the center of the universe - it has many users and treats them as if theirs is the only system that user must contend with. CloudHaven turns this inside out and makes the user the center of the universe giving then a "user entity" that they own and fully control. Now instead of each Cloud application having many users, each user is served by many cloud applications on the user's terms.
The goal is to eventually have a marketplace of UI "themes" whereby a user can choose a theme and use every Cloud application the same way in terms of basic UI functionality.
Of course, existing applications have no reason to use CloudHaven - obviously there has to be an adoption path that starts building a based of participating applications gradually and a plan for that exists.
There is a lot more to say about CloudHaven, but I don't want to abuse this list with a too-lengthy response. I can provide the pitch deck which best describes CloudHaven and concisely.
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hi there Rich, 
I'm not a techy at all, so forgive me this question is ignorant, how is this likely to be different from  [ https://cloudron.io/ ]( https://cloudron.io/ )  ?
cheers, Cath 
 Leeds, England
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Hi, my name is Rich Vann,
I've viewed one of your show-and-tells that Micky hosted a while back but then got sidetracked with a startup - now I am back into the cooperative movement. 
I am a long-time software developer who is politically progressive and deeply supportive of the cooperative movement, especially platform cooperatives.
I would like to describe (present) a platform I am developing, CloudHaven, that I think addresses many of the concerns that resonate with platform cooperatives.
I am looking for additional key members for this venture/cooperative in several different roles, or for additional forums to generate discussion/interest.
The platform: CloudHaven
Give all users a “Sovereign home in the Cloud” creating a user-centric Internet.

Stalker economy – exploitation of personal data
 Duplication of effort (login, registration, data entry,…)
 Poor collaboration and inter-app integration
 Fragmented systems and with varying/re-invented UIs
 Poor Security
 Venture capital-funded and centralized platforms/monopolies
 Gig economy
SOLUTION - CloudHaven
CloudHaven enables full personal data control while solving many fundamental problems with users and applications on the Internet like collaboration and seamless application integrations (and much more) in a surprisingly simple way.
I have a formal pitch deck for CloudHaven, available upon request, that goes into much more detail about the solution, platform, adoption plan, business model, etc. I am getting assistance with the Cal Poly-associated Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and have presented this venture to some key leaders of the platform cooperative movement (who advised me to post to this list).
I can be reached at [ rich at cloudhaven.net ]( mailto:rich at cloudhaven.net ) - or via the [ platformcoop-discuss at lists.riseup.net ]( mailto:platformcoop-discuss at lists.riseup.net ) email list.
I am located in California central coast near San Luis Obispo.

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