[AgaricShowandTell] Show and Tell with Agaric on Wednesday, July 15th at 11am ET

Chris Thompson chris at agaric.com
Wed Jul 15 00:49:14 EDT 2020

Show and Tell with Agaric on Wednesday, July 15th at 11am ET

It is the third Show and Tell of the month: Tech time (and my typical very last-minute announcement)! I actually did have a plan for this week, but that fell through, as did a backup plan. Doh! Anyway - I have something fun to try!

This week we're going to try an experiment: an on-demand talent pool. Let's see if we can organize something to make best use of our individual skills, by sharing what's most needed within the group. While the steps below might look a little convoluted, the idea is simple: we share a list of our talents, and then try to identify the subject(s) the group wants/needs to know more about.

So, here's what we'll try - I'll go over this at the beginning of the meeting:

- For everyone that is interested in sharing, think of a short list of topics that you enjoy discussing and have some talent with/knowledge about. Focus on things that might be most useful generally, but feel free to list one thing that might be less-commonly known which you have found to be particularly useful. List no more than three things per-person.
- We'll put these on a list with the shared pad, at the start of the meeting. No need to be grouped under a name, and no pressure to add a topic if you don't want to. If someone else listed the same or a very similar thing to something you would have listed, leave the topic once, but add an ! to the end of the topic to indicate this. If you wrote the topic first or would have also, you can add up to one additional unique topic. Accumulate any !'s, so we can see if mutiple people are prepared to speak to a certain subject - it may prove more useful to those that have questions to know more people are available to address a tricky question.
- Everyone reviews the list, and consider what would be most helpful to them or they have a question pertaining to. Put an asterisk next to up to two items that meet that requirement.
- If no topic's float to the top, depending on the number of topics, we'll either give more asterisks per-person, to add to a different topic, or if the list of options is short, we'll try to go through them all!
- Then we'll work our way through the topics, those with the most interest first. The person(s) that added the topic should give a very brief introduction to ensure the topic was understood properly, and open the floor for questions about it. If there are no specific questions, they can share a bit about it/provide a primer/or maybe just explain their favorite feature of the subject, and then we'll then move on to the next topic.

As an example, here is my list of topics for tomorrow:

- Using the shell: environment variables, configuration, process management, pipes, redirection, and the like.
- Configuration management/automation with Ansible
- (The possibly less common?) SSH tricks and troubleshooting: server/client configuration, port forwarding, and MOSH: the mobile shell.

Feel free to include wide-open topics if you know a fair bit on a subject, e.g.:
- "Language X" development (perhaps someone would have a PHP/Python/etc question, or just wants to know what all the hype about Rust/Go/whatever is)
- Front-end web development (maybe we'll ask you to tell us what your favorite JS framework is and why? Or, perhaps I'd have a nagging CSS layout issue.)

We will be using BigBlueButton video chat for Show and Tell tomorrow.

Chat link: http://communitybridge.com/bbb-room/show-and-tell/  To enter, use any name and the room password/code is: elephant9

Notes from past Show and Tell meetings: https://pad.drutopia.org/p/show-tell

Send this link to friends that would like an invitation to our weekly Show and Tell, so they will receive the chat link via our email announcements once a week:

*** Format - Every second week of each month will be a Cooperative share - topics around cooperative development. 
The third week of each month will be dedicated to a technical topic. 
The fourth week of each month will be lightning talks, so come and show us a short presentation or suggest a discussion topic for a 5-10 minute share.  

The first week of each month is up for suggestions: if you have something to share, send a note to the group before the Sunday before the Show and
Tell meeting on Wednesday: showandtell at lists.mayfirst.org


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